Welcome to Kami Anak Nusantara’s Blog

We are students college of IT Telkom. This time, we try to tell about Indonesia to the world. As we knew, lot of misinformation circulating that leads about Indonesia. because of that, we tell the world about the truth of Indonesia. Actually, Indonesia is a country that have many differences in culture, language, kind of people, religion, and many more. Although Indonesia have that differences, Indonesia became a unitary which the citizens or Indonesian can live peacefully. It supported by a motto of Indonesia which the motto is Bhinneka Tunggal Ika that means although Indonesian have many differences, they still one.

Indonesian society is a society of good and friendly. They treat other people from other countries is their own brother even like a king.  If tourists come to their village, they will serve the tourists until the tourists get the point about tourist attractions of their village (Indonesia).  Actually, Indonesia have many beautiful tourist attractions like nature tourism, and modern tourism. This time, we show a video to you. This Video describes about Indonesian attractions and the beauty of tourist attractions of Indonesia.

After you watch this video, we hope your thought about Indonesia can be change. This video tells you about the truth Indonesia. Indonesia is beautiul city which uphold the peace among fellow human beings.

Thank You


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